Kamis, 27 Agustus 2009

my nuu DOC MART


we are the champion

i never thought that i would be a winner !
on 8th of August , my team (Regina Pacis Bogor High School Basketball Team) won Mardi Yuana Depok Championship .
we won.we won.
ahhhhahha ~
the trophies were big . we got 2 trophies .

after MY Championship , we joined Recis Jakarta Cup .
and u know what ??
we won againn !!
actually , it's unbelieveable .
but , we thanked to God .

Kamis, 06 Agustus 2009

may i HAVE this one ??

why always party ??

you know what , bcos of all my friends got 17 and they made many parties , i always bought new dress . (actually not ussually) .but almost..... :))
this what i look like :

~that was when Kandela's party (with my besties , Cathy)

~that was when Gita's party (DC : black or white )

~that was at Nita's party , i was with Lismita (DC : night in Wonka's LAND)

~that was at Steffie's party (DC : wonderland ) , i was with June ,and i became Princess Jasmine :))

~that was at Belinda's party (DC : summer in fairyland) , i was with Queen


going CRAZY !!

i dont know , i think this a month ago .
i companied my besties , reiko . she got band exercise with her band . she is a keyboardist .
but , before she started , we took some cool pictures .
ahhhahah ~
we looked like a really musician .

that place was very cool !
wooden floor .

the boy is my sister's bf . his name is Fandy . he is the drummer of the band . :))

btw , those were my uniform . REGINA PACIS SCHOOL's uniform .


Rabu, 05 Agustus 2009


i wore this two tone dress , when i went to my friend's party .
actually it was simple yet stylish .
i also used these wedges . (~studded)
hhaa ~
my pictures were taken by my best friend (REIKO RAISA) . she is a great photographer actually.

~twotone dress~leopard bolero~wedges~necklace(made it by my self)~

this is my friend , REIKO RAISA . she was dancing at my friend's party .

we got a lots of fun when we took many pictures af us !!
ahhaha ~


i made my ripped tank top .
at the first , it was difficult .
but , i made it again and the result was not bad .
i like it . i like it .
ahhahah ~

it's cool hah ??
i love it .
actually my jeans are ripped too .
and also , i made it by my self .
check them out !